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Lanciotto Baldanzi

"Lanciotto wanted to be a painter"


At Palazzo Senza Tempo an exhibition dedicated to the artist from Terricciola

In the rooms of Palazzo Senza Tempo there is the exhibition “Lanciotto wanted to be a painter” dedicated to the artist Lanciotto Baldanzi.

The exhibition, curated by Alberto Mugnaini, is promoted and produced by the Peccioliper Foundation and the Municipality of Peccioli, with the contribution of the Lanciotto Baldanzi Archive.

After the exhibition dedicated to Alessandro Ciulli, the process of valorising the artistic richness of Valdera continues with an exhibition on Lanciotto Baldanzi.

Lanciotto Baldanzi, born on 14 February 1949, lived until his death on 2 October 2022 at the age of seventy-three, in Terricciola.

In his hometown Lanciotto worked incessantly and obsessively for over fifty years, leaving more than a thousand densely worked cartoons and canvases, as well as several hundred drawings and assemblies.

A complex artistic and human heritage, investigated analytically for the first time and which required long months of cataloguing, sorting and selection.

(Photographs by Andrea Testi)

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