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The Libbiano Astronomical Centre
Galileo Galilei Observatory, Conference Centre and Planetarium

Galileo Galilei Observatory, Conference Centre and Planetarium

The Libbiano Astronomical Centre, a structure designed to meet the needs of astronomers, has become a centre for the promotion of public interest in, and understanding of, astronomy following the creation of a planetarium and associate conference facilities.

Faithfully reproducing the celestial sphere and its movements, the planetarium is a very effective tool to illustrate the fundamental concepts of celestial mechanics and to allow visitors to recognise – directly and immediately – the constellations and to understand the alternation of the seasons and the variation of the length of day and night.

The Centre consists of two distinct structures:

  • An Educational Building which houses the Go-To Ex3 Digital Planetarium with a capacity to hold 25 visitors and a conference room that can seat 50 people. In the entrance area there are the field telescopes used by the local Amateur Astronomers Association and a permanent exhibition of some of the images taken by the group.
  • The Galileo Galilei Observatory which houses the two main telescopes: a Ritchey-Chretien 500mm diameter/aperture reflector f/8 – f/6 and an 180mm diameter/aperture apochromatic refractor f/9. The Observatory was first opened in October 1997 in the presence of the renowned astrophysicist Margherita Hack.

The video also shows the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul which is only a few steps away from the Observatory.

Information and contacts


The Peccioliper Foundation
Piazza del Popolo, 10
56037 Peccioli (PI)
tel. 0587 672158


You need to make a reservation to visit the Astronomical Centre


Associazione Astrofili
Alta Valdera

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