Museum Pole
Palazzo Pretorio Museum, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Sacred Art, Bell Tower

Four museums in the historic center
to discover the history of Peccioli and the Valdera

Museum of Sacred Art

The Museum of Sacred Art in Peccioli was inaugurated on October 25 2009 due to the communal will of the Municipality Administration and the Parish of St. Verano, with the
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Museum of Palazzo Pretorio

The Palace Built in the Middle Ages, Palazzo Pretorio was the residence of the consuls of the Pisan municipality and of the Podestà authorities of the government of Florence. Overlooking
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Bell Tower

L The Bell Tower in Peccioli was built in 1885 by the engineer and architect Luigi Bellincioni (1842 – 1929) from Pontedera, who also designed other seven bell towers spread
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The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum was inaugurated in 2004 with the aim of properly preserving numerous finds discovered in the Etruscan archaeological site of Ortaglia, a few kilometers from Peccioli. The excavations
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