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Tabernacle by Benozzo Gozzoli

May 1479. The plague strikes in Pisa, where Benozzo Gozzoli, a Florentine and perhaps a disciple of Beato Angelico, is working on the Camposanto. It is necessary to seek refuge

Via di Mezzo a work by Tremlett in Ghizzano

David Tremlett, Via di Mezzo, 2019, Ghizzano After creating an impressive work at the landfill in Legoli in 2018, David Tremlett develops a project that provides for a series of

Peccioli The village of contemporary art

Peccioli presents itself to visitors in a unique guise thanks to the art installations found in the capital and in the hamlets. It is in fact precisely because of the

Museum of Sacred Art

The Museum of Sacred Art in Peccioli was inaugurated on October 25 2009 due to the communal will of the Municipality Administration and the Parish of St. Verano, with the

Bell Tower

L The Bell Tower in Peccioli was built in 1885 by the engineer and architect Luigi Bellincioni (1842 – 1929) from Pontedera, who also designed other seven bell towers spread

Endless Sunset, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco on a panoramic walkway

Endless Sunset, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco on a panoramic walkway Created in 2020 in Peccioli, Endless Sunset is a work Patrick Tuttofuoco designed to enhance the walkway that connects


“Castellaccia” is the historic panoramic viewpoint in Peccioli. Here stood an ancient fortress in defense of the town, as part of a medieval castle, probably formed by two fortified towers;