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The Libbiano Astronomical Centre

“Galileo Galilei” Observatory, Conference Centre and Planetarium The Libbiano Astronomical Centre, a structure designed to meet the needs of astronomers, has become a centre for the promotion of public interest

Solid Sky, a work by Alicja Kwede in Ghizzano di Peccioli

Alicja Kwade, Solid Sky, 2018, Ghizzano The sculpture Solid Sky, made in a stone (Azul Macaubas) from South America characterized by light blue veins that turn proper blue in some

Lights and colors in the day and in the night

If you are fond of vivid, bright and warm colors, we suggest an itinerary designed especially for you. In fact, there are many works of contemporary art in which lights

The Soul Hunter – On the trail of the killer

“It all begins with a lifeless woman arranged in a display case as if it were a relic. It is only the first case of a tragic trail of blood”.

“Chiassi a fil di luce”: light installations by Cardella, Precisi and Serasini

The typical little alleys in the village are called “chiassi”. Carrying on the tradition of turning Peccioli into an “open air museum”, the artists Elisabetta Cardella, Massimiliano Precisi and Luca

The wood of Ortaglia – Learn about the footprints of the animals of the wood.

The nature trail goes through the part of the wood that surrounds the farm unit of Ortaglia, within the grounds of the estate. These places tell the story of a

The Prehistoric Park

The Prehistoric Park extends on about three hectares of greenery and displays 22 real-scale reproductions of dinosaurs. Precisely: a reptile from the Paleozoic era – living about 40 million years

Le Serre on foot

Starting near the Amphitheater of Fonte Mazzola, the estate Tenuta delle Serre offers a path fully immersed in nature to walking and cycling enthusiasts, with 900 hectares of greenery. It

Peccioli for adults and children through art, culture and dinosaurs

If you want to spend an interesting, fun and different day with your children, Peccioli is the place for you. Yes, because in our little village, nestled in the hills

Presenze: an installation by Naturaliter

Naturaliter, “Presenze”, 2011, artistic installation, cement fibers, Via della Fila and Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater in Peccioli; Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant in Legoli The idea that new life could be