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Solid Sky, a work by Alicja Kwede in Ghizzano di Peccioli

Alicja Kwade, Solid Sky, 2018, Ghizzano The sculpture Solid Sky, made in a stone (Azul Macaubas) from South America characterized by light blue veins that turn proper blue in some

“Voci”, the artistic-literary journey of Vittorio Corsini

Seven places, seven authors, seven installations in the most authentic Tuscany Voci (voices) is an artistic and literary journey that develops within the municipality of Peccioli and accompanies visitors to

“Ospiti” (Guests), a sculpture by Irene Fortuyn/Robert O’Brien in Ghizzano

Fortuyn/O’Brien, “Ospiti” (Guests), 1997, marble, Ghizzano Guests is a work signed by the couple Fortuyn / O’Brien (Irene Fortuyn and the prematurely deceased Robert O’Brien). It is located in Ghizzano

Lights and colors in the day and in the night

If you are fond of vivid, bright and warm colors, we suggest an itinerary designed especially for you. In fact, there are many works of contemporary art in which lights

Oratory of Santissima Annunziata

Neo-Gothic oratory, erected in the late 1800s and since 1996 a Marian Sanctuary, it houses a 15th century Annunciation in carved and painted wood attributed to Tommaso Pisano. On the

Via di Mezzo a work by Tremlett in Ghizzano

David Tremlett, Via di Mezzo, 2019, Ghizzano After creating an impressive work at the landfill in Legoli in 2018, David Tremlett develops a project that provides for a series of

“Annunciazione”, sculptural group by Tommaso Pisano – Ghizzano

Legend has it that these wooden statues depicting the Annunciation were recovered in an old church in Ghizzano and placed in a small building, which was built exactly where an

Elevatio Corpus, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco in Ghizzano di Peccioli

Patrick Tuttofuoco, Elevatio corpus, 2019, Ghizzano In Ghizzano, Tuttofuoco created three works with a single title, Elevatio corpus, inspired by a cycle of frescoes that Benozzo Gozzoli created in Legoli,

Church of Saints Germano and Prospero

The Church dates back to the medieval era. It was mentioned for the first time in a document of 1406 and it underwent a radical restoration in 1818, which gave

“Tra” – Voci Itinerary

Vittorio Corsini, “Tra”, 2018, wood, steel, marble, glass and narrator’s voice, Ghizzano, Oratory of Santissima Annunziata Corsini places two chairs and a statuary marble sculpture on the back of the