Seven places, seven authors, seven installations in the most authentic Tuscany

Voci (voices) is an artistic and literary journey that develops within the municipality of Peccioli and accompanies visitors to discover new and unexplored places, where it is possible to hear the voices of some of the greatest contemporary authors. Each of them was asked to make up a piece of this pathway, writing a story starting from the suggestion deriving from the encounter with some religious and non-religious buildings of the territory, mostly built near small villages, each with its own history and identity. Transposed into audio form by the authors themselves, these stories return to the places that generated them and can be listened to through seven works of art, specifically conceived by Vittorio Corsini and installed inside the bell tower of the Church of San Verano, the Church of Madonna del Carmine and the Church of Le Serre in Peccioli, in the Church of San Giorgio in Cedri, in the Chapel of Santi Rocco and Sebastiano in Fabbrica, in the Oratory of Santissima Annunziata in Ghizzano, in the Cinema Passerotti in Peccioli.

VOCI: by Vittorio Corsini in cooperation with Laura Bosio, Mauro Covacich, Maurizio de Giovanni, Romano De Marco, Fabio Genovesi, Ferruccio Parazzoli, Laura Pugno.

Church of Madonna delle Serre – Peccioli

Ehxibition venues

Church of Madonna del Carmine in Piazza del Carmine in Peccioli; Church of Le Serre by the rural area Le Serre; Bell Tower of the Church of San Verano in Piazza del Popolo 1 in Peccioli, Cinema Passerotti Viale Mazzini 2, in Peccioli in; Church of San Giorgio in Via di Cedri in Cedri; Oratory of Santissima Annunziata in Via Santa Maria in Ghizzano; Church of Santi Rocco and Sebastiano in Via Vittorio Veneto in Fabbrica.

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Tourist information office of the municipality of Peccioli, tel. + 39 0587 936423.

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