Chapel of Saints Rocco and Sebastiano and Madonna del Latte

The Chapel of St Rocco is located along the road leading from Fabbrica to the river Era, just past a public park, in a particularly characteristic place. It is known both for its building structure and for a 15th century terracotta group depicting Madonna in the process of breastfeeding the Child, visible inside a frame that opens into a large canvas, enriched by a gilded and carved framework. In an altarpiece, datable to the late 17th century, a saint in the act of hitting himself with a stone as a sign of penance is depicted in the lower right part, while on the left is a kneeling saint, wrapped in a large cloak that covers her head, not clearly identified so far.

In the church is also “Rovo“, one of the sound installations of Voci, a project based on listening to stories that can only take place in a certain place and under certain conditions.

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