Vittorio Corsini, Bramble Bush, 2018, steel, enamel, neon light and narrator’s voice, Fabbrica, Church of Santi Rocco e Sebastiano

The arson, written by Laura Pugno, is the story of Pietro, a man who sets fires because he is convinced to find the face of his missing daughter among the flames. “He knew it was the last time, that by setting that fire – somehow, he knew – he would die, though even now, on the church lawn, with the moist below and the sky above, his burns were not fatal.

The altar of the Church of Saints Rocco and Sebastiano in Fabbrica is surrounded by an intertwining of branches and leaves. At sitting on one of the benches, the bush lights up with the red of the fire and the author’s voice spreads.

Vittorio Corsini: The story becomes part of the community; the insanity is understood and therefore it becomes acceptable. This is why the altar, the center of the church, is set on fire.

Tiziano Scarpa: “… the lights turn on…  simulating the color of the flames… as if it were an ancestral, biblical, Old Testament altar: the burning bush, the revelation that burns without being consumed… It is the altar itself that sacrifices itself, becoming a victim…: so that its luminous consumption, stared at by the believers, arouses revealing images, hallucinations more real than visual perception”.

Pietro Gaglianò:  The red light that ignites the steel bush … is made of the same matter as the fire that pervades the story… of the Marian gown, of the evangelical passion and of the tragically human passion, without the same assurance of salvation “.

This work is part of the artistic and literary itinerary “Voci”

More info: Fondazione Peccioliper

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