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Aèrio by Marcella Del Signore

Marcella Del Signore – Aèrio 2021 Aério is a prototype of urban surfaces and a soft machine conceived as a respiratory macro-organ that explores the forms of coexistence of species


CRISPR-LOCUS by Maria Perbellini, Christian Pongratz and Dustin White Bringing together stone and nature in a lively and dynamic narrative to inscribe an open public space, the CRISPR installation transforms spatial resonances

At the level of daisies by Staino

In May 2015, the new Biological Mechanical Treatment Plant (B.M.T.) was inaugurated at the Waste Disposal Plant in Legoli. In 2016 Sergio Staino and his son Michele decorated a series

Caffè Haus

Original of the Austro-Hungarian cultural area, the idea of Kaffeehaus was conceived as a recreational space that provided for a garden and rooms used for parties and receptions. In Tuscany

In Peccioli Lux by Vittorio Corsini

In Peccioli lux is a project created by Vittorio Corsini and by his students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. They used light to enrich some of the

Descending Column – Hidetoshi Nagasawa

Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Descending Column, 1991, burnished bronze, Peccioli, Via Carraia Hidetoshi Nagasawa was born in Manchuria in 1940 and forced to flee with his family to Japan during the Second

Solid Sky, a work by Alicja Kwede in Ghizzano di Peccioli

Alicja Kwade, Solid Sky, 2018, Ghizzano The sculpture Solid Sky, made in a stone (Azul Macaubas) from South America characterized by light blue veins that turn proper blue in some

“Voci”, the artistic-literary journey of Vittorio Corsini

Seven places, seven authors, seven installations in the most authentic Tuscany Voci (voices) is an artistic and literary journey that develops within the municipality of Peccioli and accompanies visitors to

“Bastone” by Federico De Leonardis

Federico De Leonardis, Bastone, 1996, brick engraving, Peccioli, via Bastioni Bastone by Federico De Leonardis depicts a walking stick carved into the bricks. The stick is the typical support for

“Ospiti” (Guests), a sculpture by Irene Fortuyn/Robert O’Brien in Ghizzano

Fortuyn/O’Brien, “Ospiti” (Guests), 1997, marble, Ghizzano Guests is a work signed by the couple Fortuyn / O’Brien (Irene Fortuyn and the prematurely deceased Robert O’Brien). It is located in Ghizzano