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“Lo sguardo di Peccioli” by Vittorio Corsini

Vittorio Corsini, “Lo sguardo di Peccioli”, 2017, print on wood, Peccioli, Via Borgherucci On a terrace overlooking the valley, a time-worn wall is dotted with photographs depicting eyes. The literature,

Francescano – Voci Itinerary

Vittorio Corsini, Francescano, 2018, wood, pietra serena stone and narrator, Le Serre, Church of Le Serre Credo is an interior monologue, a lucid, merciless, at times desperate secular prayer that

Four Mute Men by Vittorio Messina

Vittorio Messina, Four Mute Men, 2006, Legoli Vittorio Messina works again for the Municipality Administration with an installation in Legoli. The work consists of four silhouettes of men, very tall

“Fonte” by Vittorio Corsini

Vittorio Corsini, Font, 1995, glass, Peccioli, former jail of Palazzo Pretorio The installation Font is located in the former jail of Palazzo Pretorio and it is visible through three openings

Et fugit in nemora – Luca Maestroni

Luca Maestroni, Et fugit in memoria, 2016 Luca Maestroni used light to give life to an inhabitant of the woods around Peccioli: the roe deer. If spotted from the panoramic

Endless Sunset, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco on a panoramic walkway

Endless Sunset, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco on a panoramic walkway Created in 2020 in Peccioli, Endless Sunset is a work Patrick Tuttofuoco designed to enhance the walkway that connects

Elevatio Corpus, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco in Ghizzano di Peccioli

Patrick Tuttofuoco, Elevatio corpus, 2019, Ghizzano In Ghizzano, Tuttofuoco created three works with a single title, Elevatio corpus, inspired by a cycle of frescoes that Benozzo Gozzoli created in Legoli,

Descending Column – Hidetoshi Nagasawa

Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Descending Column, 1991, burnished bronze, Peccioli, Via Carraia Hidetoshi Nagasawa was born in Manchuria in 1940 and forced to flee with his family to Japan during the Second

“All’altezza delle margherite” by Sergio Staino

In May 2015, the new Biological Mechanical Treatment Plant (B.M.T.) was inaugurated at the Waste Disposal Plant in Legoli. In 2016 Sergio Staino and his son Michele decorated a series

Cumulus Humilis, work in neon light at Hotel Portavaldera

Vedovamazzei, Cumulus Humilis, 2001, Peccioli, Hotel Portavaldera Above the hotel, a neon line in the shape of a cloud is the work of Vedovamazzei, an artistic duo formed by Simone