Marcella Del Signore - Aèrio 2021

Aério is a prototype of urban surfaces and a soft machine conceived as a respiratory macro-organ that explores the forms of coexistence of species through the ecology of breath and investigates health as a public value.

The macro-respiratory organ acts as a cleaning/filtering/treatment device of the air through the performance textile material embedded and woven into the surface. The technology of the incorporated material is developed through an advanced polymer that integrates Wearpure.Tech, a 100% natural mineral compound that has the property of mineralising the primary greenhouse gases that pollute the air we breathe. It can absorb and neutralize CO2, NOx and VOCs, converting them into active minerals.

Aério is a prototype for public space that acts as a device capable of covering urban surfaces to provide scenarios of co-dependence of living systems.
By mapping prototypical public spaces, the project aims to predict scenarios for dynamic CO2 uptake in the public sphere by interpolating data on materials technology, human occupancy, density and surrounding air ecologies.

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