The charm of medieval Tuscany is enhanced by the exploration of contemporary art.

Art, culture, nature; a range of events in the heart of Tuscany
Museum of Sacred Art
The Museum of Sacred Art in Peccioli was inaugurated on...
Via di Mezzo a work by Tremlett in Ghizzano
David Tremlett, Via di Mezzo, 2019, Ghizzano After creating an...
"Castellaccia" is the historic panoramic viewpoint in Peccioli. Here stood...
Endless Sunset, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco on a panoramic walkway
Endless Sunset, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco on a panoramic...
Tabernacle by Benozzo Gozzoli
May 1479. The plague strikes in Pisa, where Benozzo Gozzoli,...

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