David Tremlett, Via di Mezzo, 2019, Ghizzano

After creating an impressive work at the landfill in Legoli in 2018, David Tremlett develops a project that provides for a series of wall drawings to be made on the façades of the houses in a street in town. The choice of colors, brown and green, is determined after observing the rolling hills that surround the town.

Like for other outdoor works in the past, the English artist used acrylic colors due to last over time for the wall drawings in Ghizzano. Against the monochromatic background of each single façade, each window was highlighted by short vertical and horizontal lines that create visual counterpoints and that support the compositional structure.

Over the course of his career, Tremlett has strengthened his interest in color. In fact, his interventions are characterized by a true explosion of colored surfaces, polychromatic structures that dynamically modulate the space.

David Tremlett: “…it was important to be able to have the perception of the street as a single unit, a single way, from start to end… I decided to use green for one side of the street…, even if it is not the typical color of the paints of houses walls, because I liked the idea of ​​bringing a little of the surrounding landscape into the street. As for the other side, there are fewer houses on which to intervene due to the presence of large portions of walls made in bricks, so I decided to use brown as the predominant color”.

A visit to Via di Mezzo in Ghizzano is also an opportunity to discover two further installations: “Elevatio Corpus” by Partrick Tuttofuoco and “Solid Sky” by Alicja Kwede.

More info: Archive of Foundation Peccioliper

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