Wine, Olive Oil and Local Specialities
Quality products made using traditional methods

Discover our local products, the fruits of traditions handed down for centuries

Wine, olive oil, honey, meats and truffles and ancient varieties of grain can be found, tasted and purchased in local shops and restaurants – or bought directly from the producers.

To experience these authentic, high quality, traditional foods, produced with particular care in the traditional manner, will be to make your holiday even more enjoyable

Wine and Olive Oil

As well as the more usual Merlot, Cabernet and Sangiovese grapes, our local vineyards also cultivate Alicante, Viognier and Procanico grapes allowing our wineries to produce a range of red, white and rosé wines. The excellence of the best Tuscan wines is acknowledged across the world, and the classification systems, DOC and IGT, allow wine lovers to buy with confidence.

Wine and extra virgin olive oil can be purchased from the producers’ cellars or from local shops and restaurants and there are many opportunities for tastings.  Oil production is mainly based on the Leccino, Moraiolo, Frontoio and Pendolino varieties of olive.

Bastoncelli and Colombana Grapes

The Bastoncelli is a type of sweet biscuit flavoured with aniseed that is a speciality of Peccioli. It can be found in local bars and in shops selling local produce.

Colombana grapes are a very sweet type of table grape grown locally. Legend has it that the grape was brought to Peccioli at the start of the seventh century by disciples of St. Colombano, an Irish saint who found here a people “of a heart of gold and a living and generous faith”, who preserved and handed down the vine to the current growers.

Meat and sausages

The scents and flavours of the local tradition is what we offer. Farmers passionate about the careful breeding and raising of beef cattle, lambs, chickens and the historic Cinta Senese pig to provide meats, of the highest standards that can be found in local butchers or in various processed products including artisanal sausages which are a local speciality.

Honey and truffles

Nectar of the Gods and Diamonds of the Kitchen: these are names given to our honey and truffles. On the hills of Legoli, Fabbrica and Montelopio we produce Millefiori and Acacia Organic Honey as well as organic wax and herbal soaps made with beeswax and olive oil.

From our local truffle reserves come truffles which are served in our local restaurants as well as being used to produce truffle honey, flavoured oil, truffle butter, truffle salt and truffle sauces.

All of these products are collected processed and packaged locally and sold either by the producers or in local shops.

Cereals and Legumes

In the countryside around Peccioli, ancient local varieties of grain are grown using organic farming techniques to preserve soil fertility and to protect the ecosystem of the soil. Using the same care and attention, stone-ground flours are produced and used to produce artisanal pasta and bread.

In restaurants and shops in the village it is possible to taste and buy products made with Etruscan wheat, spelt, and millet, as well as dishes made from chickpeas and beans.

Medicinal plants

In our valley we use strict organic methods to grow saffron and other medicinal plants which are harvested and processed by hand to produce oils, infusions, condiments, dried herbs, herb teas, herbal mixtures, aromatic salts and flavoured oils – as well as the precious saffron itself.

All of these products too can be purchased locally.

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