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Parish santi Pietro e Paolo

The parish church of Santi Pietro and Paolo dates back to the early medieval period, being mentioned for the first time in a papal seal of 1181. Yet, it is

Church Santa Lucia San Pancrazio

The church in the hamlet of Montecchio, dedicated to St Lucia and St Pancrazio, locks the small village to the west side. Built in the Middle Ages together with a

Church San Giorgio

The village of Cedri is located in the Valdera region, on a marly hillock bordered by the streams Isola and Roglio, which join into a single creek a little further


“Castellaccia” is the historic panoramic viewpoint in Peccioli. Here stood an ancient fortress in defense of the town, as part of a medieval castle, probably formed by two fortified towers;

Church of Saints Germano and Prospero

The Church dates back to the medieval era. It was mentioned for the first time in a document of 1406 and it underwent a radical restoration in 1818, which gave

Church of Madonna del Carmine

Church of Madonna del Carmine The church was built in 1642 in bricks; it is surrounded on three sides by a loggia which today houses Azzurro, a luminous installation by

Chapel of Saints Rocco and Sebastiano and Madonna del Latte

Chapel of Saints Rocco and Sebastiano and Madonna del Latte The Chapel of St Rocco is located along the road leading from Fabbrica to the river Era, just past a

Chapel San Domenico – Montelopio

At the time of the Knights Templar  a little church dedicated to San Michele was located at the entrance to the village; its last remains were destroyed by the family

Archaeological site of Santa Mustiola

The story was so special that it certainly deserved a look. Some men, who grew up in the few houses surrounding the site, reported that when they were little they