Originally dating back to the 12th century and firstly mentioned in 1139 on the occasion of the sale of the lands of Legoli by Count Pannocchieschi to the church of Volterra, the parish church of Saints Giusto and Bartolomeo was rebuilt on the original building together with its bell tower after World War II and in 2010 it underwent a massive renovation and redevelopment.

The Chapel of Madonna delle Grazie, originally from the 1800s, is located in via della Chiesa. It is a private chapel belonging to the Serragli family.


The terrace of the parish church, dedicated to Saints Giusto and Bartolomeo, offers a unique viewpoint over the entire Alta Valdera region. A flourishing countryside, shaped by the passage of the river Era, made of woods, wheat fields, vineyards and olive groves, and dotted by villages. From here the gaze goes as far as Peccioli and its hamlets, such as Fabbrica and Libbiano, and, on clear days, as far as the chain of mountains of the Apuan Alps.

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