A building of Medieval origin, remodeled between the 18th and 19th centuries, it used to be the palace of the Podestà in the 16th centur; it was then owned by the Gonfalonieri family and by the Prefecture until 1923. It has always been a symbol of political power, as testified by the 19 coats of arms of the podestàs and powerful local families on the upper part of the façade. Today it is the linchpin of exhibitions in Peccioli, where contemporary art and ancient art intersect and interact. The museum houses the collection of Russian icons by Francesco Bigazzi (a Florentine journalist, former news correspondent from Moscow for national newspapers), along with the collection of icons, crosses and polyptychs by the Belvedere company, 52 bronze icons donated by Giuseppe and Paola Berger; it also displays Engravings and Lithographs, a donation by Vito Merlini, a general practitioner in Peccioli who donated to the municipality a collection of 279 works including engravings, lithographs, xylographs and serigraphs signed by Guttuso, Fattori, Marino Marini, De Chirico, Miró, Dalí, Sassu, Baj . The racing bicycle exhibited at the entrance belonged to Giuseppe Sabatini, the glory of local cycling, who ran his last race in 1947. Two works by Vittorio Corsini are also placed inside the building.

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