Porta Volterrana gate is located in the middle of the street today called via Carraia. Its arch is still visible today: solid thus far like in ancient times, it was used mainly to let carriages access the castle, hence, precisely, the name it later assumed.

From this gate one reached the road to Volterra, Siena and Rome and it is said in an ancient letter, traced in the archive of a convent in Pisa, that a friar from Siena, author of that letter, invited one of his confreres, who had to reach him from Pisa, not to pass through Peccioli because, he said, they had made him pay a very high “toll”

Next to the Porta Volterrana gate both a watchtower, in a squared shape, transformed into a house, and a walkway, now called Via Bastioni, are still visible.

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