Endless Sunset, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco on a panoramic walkway

Created in 2020 in Peccioli, Endless Sunset is a work Patrick Tuttofuoco designed to enhance the walkway that connects the old center of the small medieval village to the new areas of the town and elevate it to a work of art. The bond of Peccioli with contemporary art started in the 1990s; over the years, it has involved artists such as David Tremlett, Alicia Kwade, Nagasawa, Dubosarsky-Vinogradov, Garutti, Corsini and Tuttofuoco, who, on this occasion, was called to a new collaboration.


As the artist himself underlined, the work created by Tuttofuoco is an operation of great importance and beauty that derive from the high level of complexity of the project: being able to blend a need for practicality, functionality and static nature, therefore themes implied by the laws of structural physics, with those implied by the laws of form and aesthetics.

This is what could really be defined as “technè”: the fusion of all the elements and the achievement of a very complex process.


The idea developed by Tuttofuoco was to insert a simple shape that could then evolve as a concept in three dimensions, eventually producing complexity. The shape of the circle recalls a cyclic nature, the passing of time; even the title “Endless Sunset” represents the concept of an endlessly repeating cycle, which allows us to move through space and time and which is a leap towards the future, in a full sense of form and content. Moreover, this shape, in a simplicity that becomes complex if developed in three dimensions, was joined to the idea of ​​applying a chromatic gradient, which recalls the 45 minutes in which the sky colors fade at sunset: the moment in which we pass from the condition of day, therefore of activity, to the one of night, therefore of calm and rest; a moment of presence and consciousness, different from the condition of wakefulness.

In this way, a moment so exciting and so important, but also normal in everybody’s life, is dilated in space and time, in a shape that tends towards infinity, towards a constant, “Endless” future.


The walkway is accessible from the second floor of the multi-storey car park in Peccioli, through a comfortable elevator.

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