Vittorio Corsini, “Tra”, 2018, wood, steel, marble, glass and narrator’s voice, Ghizzano, Oratory of Santissima Annunziata

Corsini places two chairs and a statuary marble sculpture on the back of the Oratory of Santissima Annunziata in Ghizzano, in order to prepare people to listen to Parazzoli’s narration, Before the night. The chairs recreate the intimate and private atmosphere that characterizes the conversation between the two main characters of the story: “…my private oratory. Here, peace reigns. Do you want to know what these walls were covered with before this colony of Saints proliferated? Books, only books, now useless books. “

Tiziano Scarpa: “Vittorio Corsini decided to play this story of family mourning by installing two chairs, facing one other… In the middle, he also placed a kind of marble column, fluted… There on top is a pile of very red glass drops; like rosary beads, hemoglobular marbles. I listen to the story while staring at them, because welcoming a story is contemplating the freeze-dried experience of others, coagulated blood that is cared for, polished, made to shine”.

Pietro Gaglianò: A series of dialogues between apparitions unfold in the Oratory of Santissima Annunziata in Ghizzano. Behind the altar … a wooden Annunciation from the late fourteenth century … Two figures, spiritually stretched towards the sky, are reflected onto the two chairs installed by Corsini, also made of wood … and it is easy to imagine on them the conversation between the two characters … The same exchange, poised between salvation and the inconceivable, is multiplied in the collection of ex-votos kept in the church; all this is renewed in the marble sculpture, consisting of two drums of non-congruent columns with a handful of red beads on the top…

The work is part of the Voci artistic-literary itinerary

More info: Peccioliper Foundation

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