Church of Madonna del Carmine

The church was built in 1642 in bricks; it is surrounded on three sides by a loggia which today houses Azzurro, a luminous installation by Vittorio Corsini, visible from sunset. Inside, two plaques are placed in memory of the earthquake that in 1846 destroyed the church, totally restored four years later, as well as the whole Valdera.

The church hosts one of the seven stages of the itinerary “Voices, seven places, seven stories in the most authentic Tuscany“.

In the square, once called Piazza del Fosso, which is why the church of the Madonna del Carmine was called “Madonna del Fosso” by the inhabitants of Peccioli, is also the Archaeological Museum: located in the former cellar of the 17th century Palazzo Fondi Rustici, the museum houses the finds discovered by the excavations of the archaeological site of Ortaglia and Santa Mustiola in Ghizzano.

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