Vittorio Corsini, Spirale, 2018, wood, film and narrator’s voice, Peccioli, Bell Tower of San Verano

The Hour of Truth by Romano De Marco depicts the tragic visit of Professor D’Eramo to one of the symbolic monuments of Peccioli: the bell tower of the Church of San Verano. In his work, Vittorio Corsini makes the writer’s voice ideally run along the handrail of the stairs that give access to the tower. At the end of the path, while at the top, the ending of the story is revealed.

Vittorio Corsini: I wanted to create a short circuit, a vortex, a vertigo upward, a spiral of evil.

Tiziano Scarpa: Vittorio Corsini has fixed handrails on the railings that rise in a square spiral… The handrails are applied outside the railing, on the inner side of the bell tower. In fact, they are unusable for those who physically climb the steps. So, who did he put them for? For ghosts. For characters that float in the air.

Pietro Gaglianò: …the vertical flight of the stairs… is highlighted by the luminous sign… of the handrail… coated with a reflective film. In the noir atmosphere of Romano De Marco’s story, the ascending… is continually, almost violently, recalled to the ground floor level by the orange platform that delimits the projection of the architecture on the ground. The orange color, one of Corsini’s favorite ones, shiny, bright… imposes a continuous attraction to the center of space, to the gravity of matter, to the falling of a body that is drawn downwards by its weight… straight down the entire height of the architecture.

The work is part of the artistic-literary itinerary Voci

More info: Fondazione Peccioliper

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