Vittorio Corsini, Francescano, 2018, wood, pietra serena stone and narrator, Le Serre, Church of Le Serre

Credo is an interior monologue, a lucid, merciless, at times desperate secular prayer that nevertheless does not abandon hope. Corsini visually renders the harshness of the writing by Covacich by placing stone benches inside the church. The “talking” from above a scaffolding of hypothetical works in progress comes from a vibrating wooden plank.

Vittorio Corsini: The object is a scaffolding, exactly identical to that used by the masons … the benches are essential and the stone is gray, as similar as possible to the one of the sanctuary La Verna, so everything becomes a Franciscan idea of ​​poverty, in its meaning as a status. Everything superfluous has been removed.

Tiziano Scarpa: Vittorio Corsini manages to make Covacich’s words resonate in their most brilliant way: he concretizes the presence of these new “believers” by populating the church with solid, peremptory benches in squared gray stone, which are not subjected by the style – religion – of the church, but on the opposite affirm their rational, self-aware faith. Furthermore, he raises a scaffolding of solid beams: a precarious yet massive scaffolding. Because faith is always under construction …

Petro Gaglianò: The benches in pietra serena stone redesigned by the artist seem to complete the bare sacred environment … on the left, a light wooden scaffolding interrupts the rhythm and opens up a building space … This rugged architecture … is a silent homage to the unfinished, to the permanent and never-ending commitment of us becoming adults.

The work is part of the Voci artistic literary pathway

Further info: Peccioliper Foundation

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