Vittorio Corsini, Trailer, 2019, stainless steel, neon and narrator’s voice, Peccioli, Cinema Passerotti

Inspired by Cinema Passerotti in Peccioli, Fabio Genovesi created for us The Mass in cinemascope, which can be listened to in “Trailer”, an installation by Vittorio Corsini. The artist intervenes on one of the seats placed in the stalls, creating a sort of “fantastic” place which transports us into a timeless dimension of sound and visual, thanks to the interaction with the visitors.

Tiziano Scarpa: …that metal seat, an exception among the others in light wood. There is always a dissident thinker in the crowd that obeys the dictatorship of the image.

Pietro Gaglianò: In the Nuovo Cinema Passerotti, the only non-religious building among those involved in the project, the voice of Fabio Genovesi stages the emotion of a centuries-old drama: “my church was the Cinema Giardino”. Along the homogeneous row of folding wooden chairs, the one replaced by Corsini stands out…: a very polished stainless steel, shining and clear. Its surface reflects the light of a neon spiral installed on the ceiling … With its infinite motion, the spiral recalls the playing of those films that once, when the author was a child and then a teenager, could be watched several times… Corsini and Genovesi compose a secular and joyful liturgy that invokes the profound meaning of religion: saving from all sins and above all “from the most serious of all, which is wasting one’s life in the greyness of boredom”, as we hear at the end of The Mass in cinemascope.

The work is part of the artistic-literary itinerary Voci

More info: Fondazione Peccioliper

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