Vittorio Corsini, Choral, 2018, marble, glass and narrator’s voice, Peccioli, Chiesa del Carmine

“And not for revenge” is the title of a story by Laura Bosio, who chose a woman as the protagonist in this story. Liuba is a Ukrainian girl who is fleeing the violence of war. She arrives in Peccioli and, thanks to the help of the parish priest, she starts a new life.

With his installation, Corsini captures the choral dimension of the story and arranges two semicircular seats facing one other at the entrance to the church. An element placed in the center spreads out the author’s narrative voice.

Vittorio Corsini: ”And not for revenge” is a choral story, not an individual story, a story that is orally handed down around a hearth. For this reason, the seats develop in a semicircle around a center.

Tiziano Scarpa: Vittorio Corsini placed an object between the two marble benches… It is a cylinder of black stone… This hollow cylinder, full of glass drops, is a font: yet, not for the hands but for the gaze… I remain mesmerized looking at these perfect, transparent, brilliant pebbles. It is an intangible eye drop, designed not for the eyes but for the looks. I purify my gaze.

Pietro Gaglianò: two marble hemicycles close around a well filled with glass drops, in a relationship of apparent continuity with an ancient font and a checkered floor.

The work is part of the artistic-literary itinerary Voices.

More info: Foundation Peccioliper

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