Vittorio Corsini, Sincronico, 2018, wood, enamel and narrator, Cedri, Church of San Giorgio

The story by Maurizio de Giovanni, The Sign of Madonna, is set in Cedri inside the Church of San Giorgio. Two elderly characters, Giuseppe and Guido, speak of the “disappearance” of a precious painting: the Madonna of Humility by Beato Angelico, which in the last century was removed from the counter-façade of the church, where the “sign” has remained, to be carried to the Museum of San Matteo in Pisa. Corsini’s installation is an invitation to reflect on the diachronic paradox of the story, given that Giuseppe Gronchi and Guido di Pietro, or else Beato Angelico, are artists who lived in different eras.

Vittorio Corsini: Sincronico is the story of two periods that happen at the same time, a ghostly story, which is suggested by the shape and color … of the bench, in total contrast with the dark and baroque look of the church.

Pietro Gaglianò: Maurizio de Giovanni writes the words of the painter who … discusses with the specter of another artist, maker of the 20th century war memorial in the square in front of the church. The two can be imagined on the bench … with their backs to the altar addressing towards the ancient location of the missing painting.

The work is part of the Voci artistic and literary pathway

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