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“Voci”, the artistic-literary journey of Vittorio Corsini

Seven places, seven authors, seven installations in the most authentic Tuscany Voci (voices) is an artistic and literary journey that develops within the municipality of Peccioli and accompanies visitors to

Lights and colors in the day and in the night

If you are fond of vivid, bright and warm colors, we suggest an itinerary designed especially for you. In fact, there are many works of contemporary art in which lights

The Soul Hunter – On the trail of the killer

“It all begins with a lifeless woman arranged in a display case as if it were a relic. It is only the first case of a tragic trail of blood”.

Presenze: an installation by Naturaliter

Naturaliter, “Presenze”, 2011, artistic installation, cement fibers, Via della Fila and Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater in Peccioli; Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant in Legoli The idea that new life could be

Via di Mezzo a work by Tremlett in Ghizzano

David Tremlett, Via di Mezzo, 2019, Ghizzano After creating an impressive work at the landfill in Legoli in 2018, David Tremlett develops a project that provides for a series of

Peccioli The village of contemporary art

Peccioli presents itself to visitors in a unique guise thanks to the art installations found in the capital and in the hamlets. It is in fact precisely because of the

Sacred Art Itinerary

We suggest this itinerary with a focus on the territory of Peccioli from a historical, cultural and theological point of view, including aspects of daily life that very often were

Motorbiking in the Tuscan hills

Visiting the territory of Peccioli by motorbike is a fully enjoyable experience. Riding a motorbike along the roads that connect the villages around Peccioli is not only fun and safe,

Endless Sunset, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco on a panoramic walkway

Endless Sunset, a work by Patrick Tuttofuoco on a panoramic walkway Created in 2020 in Peccioli, Endless Sunset is a work Patrick Tuttofuoco designed to enhance the walkway that connects

“Rovo” – Voci Itinerary

Vittorio Corsini, Bramble Bush, 2018, steel, enamel, neon light and narrator’s voice, Fabbrica, Church of Santi Rocco e Sebastiano The arson, written by Laura Pugno, is the story of Pietro,