If you are fond of vivid, bright and warm colors, we suggest an itinerary designed especially for you. In fact, there are many works of contemporary art in which lights and colors play an important role. A role that often goes beyond the first glance and that is based on emotions and on the relationship with the landscape the work refers to.

So, you can admire for example the walkway “Endeless Sunset” in Peccioli, whose spiral siding recalls the colors of the sun setting, or the street “Via di Mezzo” in Ghizzano, in which the colors of the houses of the entire street recall the colors of the surrounding countryside. In addition, you can enjoy the lighting of the Multipurpose Center in Peccioli, whose shades change every 15 minutes depending on the overall sentiment of the Italian users of the social network Twitter, or stare at Cumulus Humilis, an installation at Hotel Portavaldera.

Therefore, we wish you a good walk along an itinerary that changes from day to night.





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