Vittorio Corsini, Alba, 2002, Peccioli, Hotel Portavaldera

The lighting runs along the edges of the walls: it is “Alba“, a work by Vittorio Corsini. From the moment it is switched on, the brightness gradually increases and invades the surrounding furniture. The environment is denaturalized by light, the space-time coordinates seem to be removed and the effect of isolation exaggerated.

Taken together it creates a place for thought and reflection. While in Alba an upward outburst is implicit in the same concept foreshadowed in the title, like in the slow explosion of light, in Sed necesse est the accuracy of architectural design condenses the interest in intellectual knowledge: the theoretical path, understood as the basis through which human culture has developed, constitutes the necessary basis that informs our existence and our doing.

More info: Archive of Fondazione Peccioliper

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