Massimo Bartolini, 2001, Peccioli, Portavaldera Hotel

Massimo Bartolini has installed his work in the central block in front of the hotel. On the inside of this architecture, open on two sides by arches, a stairwell connects the various floors. A very long steel trumpet, painted in an opalescent white, becomes the railing and handrail, climbing along the stairs up to the top of the tower. It is a trumpet that lost its musical voice, but it does not seem to want to give up its vocation; the vocation of emitting confused, modest and restless sounds: a radio frequency. By contrast, you perceive silence as you move away from the entrance.

Recalling is completed by a sphere-shaped lamp hanging down the stairwell. This chandelier produces a faint intermittence as a light turns on and off and emits a light signal, which in Morse code means “door”.

More info: Archive of Foundation Peccioliper

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