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Picnic Areas

In the territory of Peccioli there are several picnic areas equipped with tables, chairs and gazebos:

Welcome to Peccioli, our welcome by Giugiaro

Giorgetto Giugiaro, Welcome to Peccioli, 1999, Peccioli, La Fila road On the roundabout of the provincial road La Fila, a large toponymic sign is designed by the Giugiaro studio. Giant

The Castagno loop

This loop is called “The loop of Il Castagno” from the name of the place that splits it into two halves. It is one of the most popular itineraries among

Sed necesse est by Vittorio Corsini

Vittorio Corsini, Sed necesse est, 2002, Peccioli, Hotel Portavaldera A perspective gash splits the wall in front of us. The room gets longer and the volume gets doubled. Sed necesse

Just Do It!

Vladimir Dubossarky and Alexander Vinogradov, Just Do It!, 2000, Peccioli, Hotel Portavaldera The largest wall in the waiting room is occupied by a painting by Vladimir Dubossarky and Alexander Vinogradov.

Walls III by Federico de Leonardis

Federico de Leonardis, Walls III, 2005, Peccioli, Incubatore d’Imprese From the 1970s to today, the artist has been working on space, placing at the center of his study the tools

Recalling and Door: sound and light installations by Massimo Bartolini

Massimo Bartolini, 2001, Peccioli, Portavaldera Hotel Massimo Bartolini has installed his work in the central block in front of the hotel. On the inside of this architecture, open on two