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The Castagno loop

This loop is called “The loop of Il Castagno” from the name of the place that splits it into two halves. It is one of the most popular itineraries among

The Peccioli Montecchio loop

An itinerary of 11 km This small loop contains the essence of the area of Peccioli. Starting from Fonte Mazzola, we take a steep way downhill leading to the area

The Fabbrica Montelopio loop

An itinerary of 16 km characterized by steep and panoramic stretches. Leaving Fabbrica, the road runs along a ridge to Montelopio and then it descends along Via di Cedri. Once

The Constellation loop

In itinerary of 53 km The Constellation loop is a circuit that goes through the entire municipal area and therefore it reflects the undulating profile of the landscape, consisting of

The Ghizzano Cedri loop

An itinerary of 16 km in total, starting and finishing in Ghizzano. Ghizzano, a village colored by David Tremlett and home to numerous works by contemporary artists, is now an

Le Serre and the wood of Ortaglia

This trail is entirely on dirt roads and has a total length of 12 km. Along this route visitors can make use of five equipped areas for picnic and relaxation.

Bike and pedestrian lane along La Fila road with fitness and picnic area.

In the lower part of the town, near La Fila provincial road, is a cycle and pedestrian path, in some parts equipped for fitness activity. It starts in the area

The Ghizzano Libbiano Legoli loop

GHIZZANO – LIBBIANO – LEGOLI A trail of 21 km The itinerary of this loop starts from the characteristic village of Ghizzano, known for its colors and its contemporary art.