In the lower part of the town, near La Fila provincial road, is a cycle and pedestrian path, in some parts equipped for fitness activity. It starts in the area of the Coop shop, in Peccioli, passing in front of Hotel Portavaldera and running along the sculpture “Welcome to Peccioli”, created by Giugiaro in 1999, before going on for another 3 km into the municipality of Capannoli until it reaches Forcoli.

By the lane is a Fitness and Picnic area in which users can find a gazebo, an automatic toilet cabine, sheltered picnic tables, a vending machine for snacks and healthy drinks, a playhouse for children, a swing, a volleyball net, a fountain of drinking water and a barbecue grill.

In the Fitness area, the machines, sheltered from the sun and rain by a canopy, are available to everyone to exercise in company: you can use them for as long as you want, following your own training program. Each machine is supplied by instructions for correct use.

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