Vladimir Dubossarky and Alexander Vinogradov, Just Do It!, 2000, Peccioli, Hotel Portavaldera

The largest wall in the waiting room is occupied by a painting by Vladimir Dubossarky and Alexander Vinogradov. The work, entitled Just Do It!, from 2000, reflects the dichotomy intrinsic in the mentality and history of recent Russia. It expresses an attachment to the socialist realism of Marxist origin, a desire for redemption from isolation and therefore a tendency to conform to western principles, accompanied by a yearning for consumerism. Russia takes possession of western status symbols imposed by the market and taken to their excess (the portrait in the work is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s), undergoing a process of massification: the title of the work refers to the advertising of the sneakers by Nike.

More info: Archive of Fondazione Peccioliper

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