Patrick Tuttofuoco, Elevatio corpus, 2019, Ghizzano

In Ghizzano, Tuttofuoco created three works with a single title, Elevatio corpus, inspired by a cycle of frescoes that Benozzo Gozzoli created in Legoli, not far from Ghizzano: in 1479 the plague forced the Florentine artist to leave Pisa, where he was frescoing the Monumental Cemetery, to shelter in the countryside.

For his sculptures, made in different materials such as marble, neon and iron, Tuttofuoco draws inspiration from some details of the characters depicted by Benozzo: San Sebastiano, San Michele and San Giovanni. Tuttofuoco’s work is focused on the reinterpretation of a pictorial work in a postmodern perspective, in order to get to a new sculptural reality from the dimension of the past.

Patrick Tuttofuoco: “Elevatio corpus is literally translated as a load-bearing body. A body that is both architectural (structural) and anatomical (human)… The main themes of this research move around the idea of ​​immortality, dealt with through different approaches: on the one hand, reflections close to technology and science (artificial intelligence, man-machine relationship, androids), on the other, a more spiritual vision in relation to the passing of time. The innate desire of men to represent themselves in an attempt to make themselves immortal allows us to include a different notion of time; a timeline that tends towards infinity, capable of relating effortlessly with ancient instances and visions projected towards a distant future. In this constant dualism between science and spirit, past and future, the body capable of resolving and transcending limits is the one of art”.

In addition, in the village of Ghizzano are the works “Solid Sky” by Alicja Kwede and “Via di Mezzo” by David Tremlett.

More info: Archive of Foundation Peccioliper

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