Vittorio Corsini, Azzurro, 2017, Projection, Peccioli, Chiesa del Carmine

On the external walls of Chiesa del Carmine there is a light installation developing like a narration in images, starting from the south-facing side. Silhouettes of natural elements run along the walls of the building describing a landscape through symbols, which in some cases become abstract shapes, and the single word “azzurro” (light blue): every observer is the protagonist of this path, and passing by at their own pace and with their own interpretation, they also become the narrators. A window on the main façade and a small cross on the spire of the bell tower are illuminated in order to relocate the building within its landscape and bring it back to its history. The chosen material, “the light”, constitutes the essence, the quality, the way of reasoning behind the work: it is the representation of an inner vital process, impalpable and yet real, like those luminous rays that draw symbols on the walls of the church.

More info: Archive Fondazione Peccioliper

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