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Engravings and Lithographs Collection – Vito Merlini Donation

Vito Merlini Collection Engravings and Lithographs The Engravings and Lithographs Collection – Vito Merlini Donation was born in 2006 thanks to the philanthropic gesture of Vito Merlini and by the

Francesco Bigazzi Icons Collection

Francesco Bigazzi Icons Collection The Bigazzi Collection is characterized by the presence of predominantly Russian icons dating back to the 17th century. XVIII-early XX, typical of a domestic veneration and

Belvedere Icons Collection

Belvedere Icons Collection The Belvedere Collection, unique in its kind, presents wooden icons with a singular and unusual peculiarity: dating back to the 17th century. XVIII-XX and from many countries

Bronze Icons Collection

Bronze Icons Collection – Giuseppe and Paola Berger Donation The Giuseppe and Paola Berger Donation includes 51 bronze icons and one bone icon, dated between the 17th and 19th centuries.

“The colors of silence” by Alessandro Ciulli

Alessandro Ciulli “The colors of silence” At Palazzo Senza Tempo an exhibition dedicated to the painter born in Fabbrica di PeccioliIn the halls of the Palazzo Senza Tempo it is

Peccioli The village of contemporary art

Peccioli presents itself to visitors in a unique guise thanks to the art installations found in the capital and in the hamlets. It is in fact precisely because of the