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Vito Merlini Collection

Engravings and Lithographs

The Engravings and Lithographs Collection – Vito Merlini Donation was born in 2006 thanks to the philanthropic gesture of Vito Merlini and by the will of the Municipal Administration and Belvedere S.p.A. in the belief that the poetics of the Work of Art resides precisely in the etymological meaning of the word “handwriting” understood as “sign, drawing, engraving” which takes the form of the immediacy of the graphic gesture, which does not allow hesitation, repentance and which will always the character of simplicity and freshness.

The collection consists of 279 sheets including etchings, lithographs, woodcuts and serigraphs: a collection of works that comprehensively present and summarize the Italian artistic panorama of the 20th century.

Many pure engravers whose works are part of the donation (Viviani, Piacesi, Bartolini, Zancanaro, Gulino, Mongatti, Greco, Morena, Parigi, etc.), as well as painters and sculptors who have dedicated themselves to the practice of engraving and lithographic techniques with extraordinary results: Baj, Breddo, Carrà, Guerricchio, Guttuso, Possenti, Morlotti, Maffi, Manzù etc. Many other prominent names: Carla Accardi, Annigoni, Cantatore, Dorazio, Fattori, Goya, Marino Marini, Mirò, De Chirico, Dalì, Saetti, Sassu, Scialoja, Soffici, Vangi, Vittorini.

Vito Merlini, former doctor of Peccioli, was a figure with a multifaceted personality who permeated many aspects of community life, actor, president of the Philharmonic Society and of the Pecciolese Cycling Union, president of the Football Sports Society.

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