Peccioli presents itself to visitors in a unique guise thanks to the art installations found in the capital and in the hamlets. It is in fact precisely because of the juxtaposition between Tuscan tradition and contemporary art that over the years the area has become an authentic open-air museum in which classic and contemporary coexist in perfect harmony. Examples are the “Presenze” sculptures located in the Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater and in the Legoli Waste Treatment and Disposal Plant, the work Via di Mezzo by Tremlett which incorporates the colors of the surrounding hills or the walkway that connects the village ancient to the new part of the town, elevated to a work of art thanks to the “Endless Sunset” intervention by Patrick Tuttofuoco.

We suggest an itinerary that takes place entirely in the center of the town, is easily covered on foot and, to be completed with the vision of all the over twenty works, requires a walk of about two hours during which you can still stop in one of the bars and restaurants located in the historic centre. Arriving by car, we advise you to use the multi-storey car park which will take you directly to the historic center with a convenient lift.

Museum Network

(13) Museum of Palazzo Pretorio, (13) Museum of Sacred Art (14) Bell Tower (3) Archaeological Museum

Contemporary Artwork

(1) Azzurro, (2) Federcord / La Messa in cinemascope / Trailer, (4) Light Mood / Segno Polivalente / Il tempio del vento / Nel momento, (5) Il cielo accanto, (6) Cose che succedono, (7) Fontana / Acropoli, (8) Untitled, (9) Tunnel, (10) Chiassi a fil di luce / Dialogo muto / Il perdono di una donna dagli occhi neri / Le storie di San Nicola, (11) Et fugit in nemora, (12) Un occhio sulla discarica, (13) 450° Shakespeare / Chiacchiere / Fonte / Il sudario di Mario, (14) L'ora della verità / Spirale / La felicità è una via / Lo sguardo di Peccioli, (15) Bastone, (16) Endless Sunset, (17) senza titolo, (18) Colonna che scende / A 45°, 5 Coleurs + noir et blanc, (19) Fessura e Contravvento II°, (20) La scala per Ophicus, (21) Tribute to Benozzo Gozzoli, (22) Costruttivo Peccioli, (23) Copia del Tabernacolo di Benozzo Gozzoli, (24) Presenze.

Historic buildings and places of interest

(1) Church della Madonna del Carmine, (2) Cinema Teatro Passerotti, (7) La Castellaccia, (4) Centro Polivalente, (13) Palazzo Pretorio, (14) Parish Church of St. Verano, (21) Caffè Haus, (24) Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater and Library

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