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Belvedere Icons Collection

The Belvedere Collection, unique in its kind, presents wooden icons with a singular and unusual peculiarity: dating back to the 17th century. XVIII-XX and from many countries and regions (Russia, Armenia, the Balkans, Constantinople, Estonia, Jerusalem, Greece, the Ionian Islands, Latvia, Mount Athos, Romania, Transylvania and the Ukraine), are dated, signed or with a dedication. An entire exhibition section is also dedicated to bronze crosses, icons and polyptychs, mostly typical of the production of the Old Believers.

Belvedere S.p.A., a company that believes in the valorisation and promotion of the local area, creating projects that combine company results with investments in culture, has become an interpreter of the historical-cultural changes underway, contributing to enriching the collections of this museum of icons which in one multi-ethnic society has become a place of encounter and integration between the cultures of Eastern and Western Europe, as well as a place where one would like to build peace.

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