“It all begins with a lifeless woman arranged in a display case as if it were a relic. It is only the first case of a tragic trail of blood”. In this way Romano De Marco, author of the thriller “The soul hunter”, introduces his mystery novel set in Peccioli.

“Angelo Crespi is one of the leading Italian experts on serial killers. He captured three of them, thanks to the ability to access their minds and anticipate their criminal actions. His was an extraordinary career, until that cursed day. The day he had to pay a price too high for anyone. When the pain is impossible to stand, the only alternative to suicide is vanishing off the face of the earth. Say goodbye to a job, to relationships, even to one’s identity. With a new name, for over twenty years, Crespi has been living a different existence, trying to come to terms with the ghosts of the past. He found shelter in a secluded town, wrapped in the placid atmosphere of the Tuscan hills, in the province of Pisa.

Peccioli seems to be an ideal destination for his retreat, until even in that pleasant place someone starts killing. Ruthless ritual crimes, linked to the artistic heritage in town. The man called to investigate is Captain Mauro Rambaldi of the Carabinieri operational department. A man of action, pragmatic, a talented detective. But when his investigation turns out to be more complex than expected, Rambaldi can’t help but ask Crespi to join the fray once again to help him catch the killer. For the hunter of souls, therefore, a new challenge is looming … and this time it could be the last one”.

The thriller takes place almost entirely in Peccioli and, step by step, it is possible to find the places and characters that characterize our town in the manuscript. For lovers of the noir genre, we prepared a map that traces, step by step, the locations where the main actions of the novel take place.

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