The Church dates back to the medieval era. It was mentioned for the first time in a document of 1406 and it underwent a radical restoration in 1818, which gave it its current appearance.

The building dominates a small square right in front; in the center of its façade is a gate with a shaped frame and a lunette on the top; a framed oculus is placed above the gate. On the left is the chapel of Madonna, whose architecture style was created to maintain harmony with the main gate.

The south front facing via della Chiesa is delimited by buttresses and is dominated by a bell tower, which can be accessed from the back of the church; the church ceiling presents traditional beams and joists in chestnut wood and a blanket of terracotta round and flat tiles covers the roof.

The inside of the Church is all a painted and decorated vault. The main nave communicates with the side nave through three large arches. The presbitery is raised by one step together with the choir, which is narrower than the main nave. The sacristy and the bell tower are accessed from the choir.

In 2019, the work Solid Sky by Alicja Kwede was installed in the square in front of the church as part of a larger project that led artists such as David Tremlett, Patrick Tuttofuoco and Kwede herself to work in Ghizzano.

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