Fortuyn/O’Brien, “Ospiti” (Guests), 1997, marble, Ghizzano

Guests is a work signed by the couple Fortuyn / O’Brien (Irene Fortuyn and the prematurely deceased Robert O’Brien). It is located in Ghizzano and it consists of two stone benches with extremely pure lines. The two marble sculptures, identical to one other, are placed in front of the façade of the Oratory of Santissima Annunziata. On each bench there are five identical cylinders. Simple and essential elements, volumetric shapes and pure lines, respect for the sense of symmetry and an elegant profile recall the architectural simplicity of the façade. The work becomes the emblem of a mystical sensitivity, communicating a stillness with a sacred flavor. The two benches are like occupied, full and inhospitable seats and they are not really made for sitting on.

More info: Archive of Fondazione Peccioliper

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