The great success of large shows in the main square in Peccioli originated the desire and need for a space that could accommodate over 2000 people. So, an amphitheater was realized in 2007. Built with tuff slabs anchored to the ground in a way meant to exclude the use of cement, its architecture recalls the one of ancient Greek theatres. To make the scenic design even more evocative, one of the statues of Presences is located here, huge human figures in polystyrene and polyurethane foam covered in cement fiber. Nearby, the Town Library and the Archive Fonte Mazzola: inaugurated in 2019, it houses the books and contents of the Mediateca founded in 2000 and a collection of 9,000 volumes by professor Arnaldo Nesti. The country road of Le Serre starts from here. Teatro di Fonte Mazzola, built outside the old center of the town and bordering the estate Le Serre, hosts events and shows including the 11 Lune Festival every summer.

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