Federico de Leonardis, Fessura e Contravvento II, 2000, Peccioli, Multi-storey car park

Federico De Leonardis impacts on the urban fabric of Peccioli through a second work at the multi-storey car park in the town. Unlike Cane, which had to deal with a historicized urban fabric, “Fessura e Contravvento” II responds to the precise desire to integrate the underground car park with the town center. A single sloped diagonal wall cuts through the grounds and architecture of the parking lot. Concrete slabs, with the appearance of lava stone, seem to devour steel cables, as a lava flow would do after an eruption.

The brick construction of the elevator, which looks like a modern medieval tower, is not left unscathed by the interrupted and jagged line; indeed, two slabs got stuck in the upper part and a gash is visible in one of the walls.

Crack and Upwind I is a work similar to this one, created by de Leonardis at the Papillon Shopping Center in Sesto San Giovanni.

More Info: Archive of Fondazione Peccioliper

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