Grupparte, The Stairway to Ophiucus, 2010, Peccioli, Vicolo Grotticella

Grupparte is an art workshop founded by Tommaso Toncelli in 2005 in Peccioli.

In the garden of vicolo Grotticella in Peccioli is a wooden staircase leaning against a tuff wall: it leads the visitor towards an arch in the shape of a keyhole, through which the constellation Ophiuchus can be admired at dusk.

La Scala for Ophiucus is a site-specific work, created by Giorgio Gremignai, Roberto Fiorentini and Tommaso Toncelli.

We often hear of Ophiuchus as the thirteenth star sign. There are 13 constellations that cross the zodiac, because in addition to the 12 which give their names to the signs, we must add the Ophiuchus constellation, which is crossed by the Sun, the Moon and the planets like the others, and which is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Therefore, Ophiuchus is a constellation that crosses the zodiac, yet not a zodiac sign.

More info: Archive of Fondazione Peccioliper

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