Vittorio Corsini, Through the eyes of Giorgio Gremignai, 2016, Peccioli, terrace of the Centro Polivalente

A white PVC sheet depicts the symbols of peasant culture, so beloved by Giorgio Gremignai, collected and reassembled in a casual way. This is the tribute that the Municipal Administration, together with Vittorio Corsini, wanted to pay to the former councilor and artist who passed away in April 2016.

Starting from Gremignai’s drawings, Vittorio Corsini brings back the essence of rural and peasant culture, bound to the ancient sharecropping tradition. The ten-meter canvas is a joyful memory of Giorgio, narrating Fondi Rustici with his eyes, giving his interpretation.

The work was placed near Gremignai’s home in Piazza del Carmine, in a space in town that he had attended so many times, both to fill his institutional role and also to share moments of leisure with his fellow villagers, gathered in this center.

More info: Archive of Fondazione Peccioliper

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