Vittorio Corsini, 2021, Peccioli, Palazzo Senza Tempo

The writings “Dai su fammi un sorriso” (Come on, give me a smile) and “Ma che voglia di prenderti per mano” (I really want to hold your hand) were created respectively in the shape of the handwriting of Matteo Madonna and Andrea Bottai, the owners of the companies that carried out the restoration of Palazzo Senza Tempo.

In the two writings, the intimate and personal dimension becomes public, invading the space of the community and directing it, so making it emerge from anonymity: the two works demand our presence and awareness of being among others.

The sculptural writings in neon light invite the viewer to interact directly with the work, an invitation to action. The intimate and individual dimension of handwriting is translated into a public dimension, highlighting the need of relationships between individuals and marking a moment of fundamental evolution in the research on words and on human relationships. Corsini himself states “the work is not indifferent to the presence of the beholder. From an object to observe it becomes an element to touch, in my intentions, or to inhabit as an incipit, the beginning of something”.

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