David Tremlett, 2017, Legoli, Impianto di Smaltimento e Trattamento rifiuti

Avant-garde, sustainability, participation are the keywords that summarize the project for the enhancement and environmental redevelopment of Peccioli and its territory. Over twenty years ago, thanks also to the involvement of the citizens who became shareholders, the Legoli landfill became a futuristic waste disposal and treatment plant. The area was then redesigned as an integral part of local cultural life and today is a container of cultural activities, events and shows. The whole area is watched over by the Presences, gigantic human figures made of polymers and cement fibres, while David Tremlett has brought his colors and geometric shapes to the retaining walls and tanks of the disposal plant, and Sergio Staino has decorated the external walls that protect the mechanical biological treatment plant from the wind.

In 2017 David Tremlett, the neo-avant-garde master famous for his wall drawings, filled the large retaining walls of the Waste Disposal Plant with color and geometric shapes. “The conformation of the landfill in the landscape is that of a large depression where the softness of the green hills that surround it is interrupted to give way to a series of layers of light gray soil under which lies the accumulation of garbage. However, it remains barely visible as a whole as it is interspersed with two large retaining walls in reinforced concrete. These are the two very long walls on which Tremlett has decided to intervene (in addition to three silos which are part of the area where the process of transforming the waste material into gas takes place). Located in the highest part of the territory and in the slightly lower part, these two walls divide the actual landfill from the space where the machinery and offices are located.

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