Vittorio Corsini, The sky beside, 2017, Micro-perforated printing, Peccioli, Via Mazzini

It is a large wall that shows the image of three skies rotated and placed side by side.

As written by Wisława Szymborska: « I don’t have to wait for a clear night, nor raise my head, | to observe the sky. | I have it behind me, on hand and on my eyelids. | The sky wraps me tightly | and lifts me from below. | Even the highest mountains | are no closer to heaven | than the deepest valleys. | Nowhere is there more than in any other place |”.

“The sky beside” welcomes the observer as they enter the town of Peccioli. Three identical modules, arranged in sequence one next to the other, rewrite the landscape by showing a sky with color gradations ranging from white to intense blue. The horizon loses its position in this composition and, turning by 90 degrees, it becomes a sign of openness and encroachment. Thus, the viewer finds themselves enveloped by the movement of color and light, and in this new perspective of eliminated boundaries, individual freedom finds a place.

More info: Archive of Fondazione Peccioliper

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